Other Titles By Scott Cranfield

  • E-Book:
    7 Habits For Creating A Magical Family Life


    Proven Ideas to Help You & Your Family Thrive in Today’s World

    There is nothing quite like a strong family unit, yet in today’s world with so much distraction and instant entertainment families can easily be pulled away from the basics that not only strengthen the family bond but are also essential to our nature.

    This book offers sound advice and reminders of some simple habits you can do to make sure your family grows stronger now and in the years ahead.

  • E-Book:
    Unlock Your Child’s Potential


    Help your child dissolve stress, grow from challenges & become the person they really want to be

    The seven chapters in this book are full of timeless principles and forgotten truths that make this book is a must read for any parent.  Each chapter will help you and your child develop a new perspective on some of the challenges they face growing up as well as sharing principles to help them maximise their potential.

    It will be like nothing else you have read in the world of parenting.

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