How it Started

Scott Cranfield the Author of Wise Bear has coached at the highest level for over 30 years, spanning subjects from life coaching and family relationships, to sport and business.
Since a young age I have been fascinated with and studied ways to help myself and others live the most inspired and fulfilled life possible.  My journey has involved travelling the World attending countless programs and courses with the World’s leading teachers, covering just about every area of life.
As a father I wanted to share the best of what I had learnt with my children.  I found a very effective of doing this was through bedtime stories. I would create stories relevant to the content and challenges of the day that my children had experienced, and at the centre of each story is a character called Wise Bear.
During the story the children would share with Wise Bear what was upsetting them or causing them to feel anxious.  Wise Bear would use his vast experience and wisdom and share with the children a whole new way of looking at these concerns that would bring a calmness and balance to their mind that they couldn't find on their own.  In doing so the children would learn useful tools and actions they could then apply themselves.
My whole family are now involved in bringing these stories to life, and it is our wish that these stories now go on to help many other children and their families, in the way they have helped ours.

The Wise Bear Stories - Collection 1 includes:

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