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More than a story 

The Wise Bear Stories are a series of children’s personal development books, designed to help children deal with the anxieties and emotional challenges they face in life, as well as giving them strategies to maximise their individual potential.

Giving your child the chance to learn these principles while they are young, will give them the tools to develop a balanced mind which is just about the strongest guarantee your child could have for mental wellbeing and getting the most out of their life.

The books are ideally suited for 5 – 11 year old’s, although the principles apply to all ages.  Collection 1 includes all 6 books.

16 reviews for The Wise Bear Stories Collection 1

  1. Shofna

    The Wise Bears collection pack is full of fun, adventure and real perspectives which help your mind to open and explore. I absolutely loved going through the easy to read books, the are full of illustrations and simple messages which make any individual remember the key elements.. The way the stories are put together allow the mind to open and explore and actually think about the self and how we can be more conscious whilst living our day to day life. Although these books are written for children I truly feel that adults can take advantage and huge learnings from the collection.

    That you Scott for being courageous and creative enough to put these together. You have truly made a global mark and started to raise awareness for human beings. By allowing them this education they can truly open their minds and make authentic decisions through the choices they feel most congruent with.

  2. Ilze Alberts

    “The Wise Bear Stories. Helping you through life’s journey” is touching on crucial points for children in their childhood. How to cope with bullying, criticism, friendship challenges, intrinsic motivation, the principle of fair exchange and self-esteem – Scott has covered it with life-changing approaches and insights. Even parents can gain from reading the books and doing the exercises with their children. I comment Scott on a great series of books and applying universal principles in an “easy-to-understand” way. I am definitely going to use these books with my child clients and my grand-children.
    Ilze Alberts:
    Family Psychologist and Master Demartini Method Facilitator.

  3. Scott Neville

    I have recently read the Wise Bear stories with my 12 year old son. For many years Conall was an avid reader and writer but as he gets older the lure of modern computers and gadgets has become more appealing to him and his friends
    Football, Golf and sport in general have always been a great outlet for him but not always available due to our “ 6 month “ winters !!!
    The Wise Bear stories gave both of us a great opportunity to sit down together, read the stories, discuss them and their individual themes whilst also spending quality time
    Conall will go to secondary school next year which brings its own challenges, a bigger new school with new faces will naturally bring some apprehension and nervousness
    Whilst Conall was reading the stories I could see him stop and take in what he was reading, going through his own thought processes in relation to the various themes

    I have no doubt these stories have enabled Conall to think differently in relation to various situations and more importantly how he might deal with them if they arise
    I congratulate you on your work to date with Wise Bear and look forward to more instalments as I also have 2 younger daughters. They are not only a fantastic tool for parents as I can only assume they would be invaluable to teachers and educators in general

  4. Adrian Shergold

    The Wise Bear is an intriguing and creative way of giving really good messages to young children. At a time when children are bombarded with messages from all kinds of platforms, this is a great way of parents taking back some of the control using interesting stories that will both entertain and inform their kids.
    Adrian Shergold, Film Director

  5. Anne Swift

    “The Wise Bear stories are an excellent resource to use with children to help them see that the answer to many of the issues which face them, are within themselves. The familiar situations and the careful questions Wise Bear poses really make the children think deeply and come up with solutions. Sharing these stories with an adult who can guide them to the answers will help children come to terms with everyday issues and change they way they think. These accessible stories will develop resilience, independence and good mental health and well being for pupils.”

    Anne Swift, Headteacher Goathland Primary School, North Yorkshire & Past President of the National Union of Teachers

  6. Rozzy Hyslop

    I think The Wise Bear books are excellent for the children of today, a real reminder to value themselves as a unique person. Hopefully these books will empower young children to be strong when they face the pressures from peers and social media.
    Well done, what an excellent project!
    Rozzy Hyslop. BA Ed PGDipSp.LD EYPS
    Principal of Marmalade Schools Ltd

  7. Jack Cox

    I love the way this valuable and much needed information is delivered in such an easy to digest and relatable way. Both kids and their parents will get a lot out of the shared experience of reading together.
    The illustrations are really cute and have that classic feel, and I love that the Wise Bear has a little hipster look to him with the glasses and bow tie.
    I LOVE the affirmations and tasks at the end too. I’ve never seen this in a children’s book. It makes so much sense.

  8. Paul Lincoln

    As someone who has worked with children and young people for over 40 years, I am delighted to come across Scott Cranfield’s ‘Wise Bear’ books. They provide a great medium to support parents and other adults in discussing with children the issues that children are troubled by in their everyday lives and which parents often struggle to find an appropriate way of addressing. In an age when social media are exerting huge pressures on children, the more they can be helped to find strategies to confront these pressures, the better. The ‘Wise Bear’ books do exactly that and will help children develop into rounded adults with excellent relationship skills.

    Paul Lincoln
    Previously teacher, advisor and director of education

  9. Christopher Sritharan

    “These stories are a wonderful way of delivering some of the greatest teachings from some of the deepest thinkers. Scott has created an opportunity in the form of a book for children and parents to come together and work through some of our daily personal challenges with introspection in a very practical way! I loved reading these stories, they reflect the rules of nature and you can’t go far wrong when you look to nature to stimulate thoughts and ideas. I think that these stories are an invaluable experience for our minds”

  10. Peter Myers

    “Parents will love these stories. They are great for posing big questions and helping your child to see the answers lie within themselves. Learning about resilience, independence and how what you say to yourself, your inner voice, can impact on how you cope with life’s challenges both sporting and in general. Helping kids to have balanced minds is surely what every parent wants.”

  11. Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry

    Reading through these wonderful stories, I had tears of inspiration throughout.
    Scott has managed to so clearly and simply capture the beautiful universal laws that govern us for children to have access to from a very early age. It is the very thing left out of education and Scott definitely has fulfilled some of that gap by creating these wonderful stories. I love that he has referred to some of the advice coming from Dr D as this is great credit to our mentor Dr John Demartini. Although the books will be for children I know many adults like myself will have just as much fun reading them.
    I have no children myself however have many nieces and nephews that I will definitely be gifting these books too and recommending my clients to buy as well. These are a must have story book for all children as it really sets them up for the truth of life not a fantasy of a one sided world that they spend many years trying to achieve.
    Well done Scott, a true inspiration to read and I cannot wait for my friends and family to read this too. I’m truly blessed to have crossed paths with such an inspiring soul like you in my life.
    Manmeet Kaur Chowdhry – Optimum Performance Solutions

  12. Kevin Proctor

    Love this sort of thing! The Wise Bear Stories are a unique way of communicating with kids.

  13. Simon Ware-Lane

    I wish these had been available when my children were younger. There wasn’t a single issue in the Wise Bear Stories that as parents we didn’t have to address on some level over the years. The stories are laid out clearly and concisely in language that children will understand and more than anything encourage them to see things in a different light, a different perspective or from the point of view of others. There are plenty of guides on how to be a parent. These are a guide on how to be a child.

  14. Peter Richardson

    The wise bear stories are beautifully constructed. Scott has done a great job at bringing to life everyday occurrences and turning them into interesting tales from which children can learn and make sense of the world around them.

    Peter Richardson, Writer & Director, Founder of ‘The Comedy Strip’

  15. Lesley Bigmore

    What great books to read in one sitting. They contain an important message and some sound advice from Wise Bear that is made easy for children to understand. The exercises at the end of the books are a great way to allow children to think about their own situations and how they relate to Wise Bear’s advice. If only we all had a Wise Bear in our lives.

  16. Dr. Kim A Jobst

    The Wise Bear stories are quite simply a magical addition to children’s literature! But they are also much more than just children’s fiction – they are stories with meaning, stories that can heal, stories that will not only entrance, captivate and inspire the imagination, they will sow seeds of wisdom that if explored and tended, will germinate in the mind and heart that hears and reads them, in to great tress that will bear fruit a thousand-fold. They are stories that adults will enjoy and will savour for the depths they plumb and the opportunities that they will create for parents, adults and children of all ages, to begin to explore topics that are fundamental to human behaviour at all stages of life. Scott has written for the soul and he has managed to create stories that will open up profound realms of creativity. Stories that will enable the child to enter in to and begin to fathom the infinite mysteries of life itself and all through the immediately accessible and loveable figure of Wise Bear who somehow seems to be able to bring out magic and wisdom whenever it is needed and in a way that makes sense. I commend them to all those wishing to offer their children joy and meaning in those moments, when the imagination is all important, and especially when situations arise that call for that ‘certain something’ that only Wizards, Magicians and Wise Bears can call in to being, to open the doors of perception to prepare the child’s mind for what enables inspired living and being.

    Dr. Kim A Jobst MD DM FRCP MFHom
    Consultant Physician and Medical Homoeopath

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