Discovering Your Own Uniqueness

£29.95 - For Collection 1

This price is for The Wise Bear Stories Collection 1. Books are not sold seperately. See Below for the entire collection

In Discovering Your Own Uniqueness, you will learn…

  • What to do if your kids are comparing themselves to others and are low in confidence
  • How to recognise your child’s genius and inspiration
  • Everyone is unique and special in their own way
  • Everyone has intelligence and success and how to recognise it.
  • Why we can remember some things easily yet forget other things


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The Wise Bear Stories - Collection 1 includes:

The Wise Bear Club

Series 1 is launching in Spring 2019 - be the first to know so you can get the early bird discounts!

A special video recording: "The Values Factor: Transforming Relationships & Family Life" (based on a sell-out £79 workshop - yours for free!)

Selection of Colouring PDF’s for your Children

E-book – 7 Simple Tips for a Magical Family life

Ticket for a Webinar on the principles of Wise Bear Coaching

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