Bullying: a new Perspective


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In Bullying: a new perspective, you will discover…

  • A new way of looking at bullies
  • What to do when others are being mean to you
  • There is never challenge without support
  • Why you are never lonely or alone
  • You grow the most from a balance of challenge and support
  • Your memory has the answers

2 reviews for Bullying: a new Perspective

  1. James Healey

    Lovely read

  2. Jeminee Solanki

    Wow this was absolutely amazing! I read the bullying one to my children 4 & 5yrs old and they both found benefits to their challenging situations at school and nursery! It brought a tear to my eye as my eldest child was being bullied at the beginning of the school year and now she has seen the benefits to it. Absolutely fantastic work and I am sure you will have a lot of success with this. Well done!

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