Fair Exchange: Everyone Wins


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In Fair Exchange: Everyone Wins you will discover how to…

  • Communicate in a way that helps both people get what they want.
  • Use a key principle to build wealth
  • Sell effectively
  • Effectively reward your kids with pocket money
  • Teach your kids the importance of a good work ethic
  • Avoid making pocket money too easy for your kids

2 reviews for Fair Exchange: Everyone Wins

  1. Eden Percy

    Our kids are 9 and 7. We have all read all of Scotts books. However, this one in particular stuck with us. We all have talked alot about fair exchange ever since. Its a great foundation for them to understand the balance of give and take. Good for adults too! Great book, easy for children to understand. Thanks

  2. Dave REEVES

    Fabulous book, my niece’s loved hearing the stories and found the content very relatable.
    We have now read all the books and they are all superb.
    Brilliant and we would thoroughly recommend

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