Who Is Wise Bear?

Wise Bear has been in the same family for generations. He has developed a unique wisdom that allows him to guide children, helping them dissolve their anxieties, as well as making sense of the different challenges and events they experience in their lives.

Every story covers a different subject, but within each story Wise Bear offers timeless lessons and vital life skills, to help the reader navigate the journey of their life.  The lessons from Wise Bear will bring a calming balance to your mind, and help you develop a new way of looking at the anxieties and challenges in your life.

Even at 100 years old Wise Bear is still fascinated to learn and develop himself.  He has had many brilliant teachers along the way, one special one he affectionately refers to as Dr D.

Wise Bear loves to read, practice yoga, make healthy smoothies and meditate. The only thing that gives away his age are some of his quirky sayings!


More than a story

Each story ends with an affirmation and a short exercise, to reinforce the lesson you have been reading about. This is a great opportunity for parents and children to work together and apply the lessons directly to their own life.

Affirmations are a powerful way to develop strong and empowering beliefs for children, and the exercises give the children the opportunity to work through some of the challenges they face and dissolve the anxieties and negative effects they hold in their mind. 

The Wise Bear Stories - Collection 1 includes:

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